Anello & Partners Legal and Tax Consulting Firm
is a professional association of lawyers and chartered accountants. The experience acquired by each of its partners and associates, in the framework of the respective sectors of competence, enables the Firm to provide its assistance in the main areas of corporate law.
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Pietro Anello

Born in Filadelfia (Vibo Valentia, Italy) on December 5, 1956. Lawyer, entered in the official List of Registered Auditors kept by the Italian Department of Justice, expert on balance sheet issues of banks and finance companies. He was responsible for the legal and tax sector of the “Banks ...

Maria Grazia Corvaglia

Born in Minervino (Lecce), Italy, on December 20, 1964. Entered in the List of Dottori Commercialisti [Chartered Accountants]. Entered in the Official List of Auditors kept by the Italian Department of Justice. Senior Partner and Founder of the Law Firm Anello & Partners. He worked for the T...

Roberto Salvati

Born in Potenza, Italy, on May 4, 1970. Lawyer. Junior Partner of the Firm. Academic background: Degree in law obtained from the University “Federico II” in Naples; Master certificate in tax law from “LUISS” University in Rome; Specialization Course in Tax Law at the “Tax Consulting Fir...

Marcello Macaluso

Born in Petralia (Palermo), Italy, on August 31, 1976. Lawyer. Partner. Academic background: Law Degree obtained from Palermo University; Master certificate in “Legal Counsel for companies”, from “Luiss” U...