Administrative Law and Public European Community Law

  • Tenders and procedures governed by public law and regulations
  • Public contracts for works, services, supplies
  • Public concessions
  • Internal procedures and activities of public administration bodies
  • Governing system of public law bodies
  • Regulatory and legal updates

The professionals of the Firm have acquired more than ten years of experience in matters relating to the sector of contracts for works, supplies and services, public utilities and the National Health Scheme.

From the side of private entities, the Firm provides consulting activity in conceiving and realizing legal structures (consortia, permanent consortia, temporary groupings of companies, joint ventures) aimed at participating in contracts and the subsequent execution of the works.

The Firm performs consulting activity in the matter of contracts for Governmental Offices and Entities and their instrumental companies, having particular regard to the applicable rules in the matters of transparency, competition and public procedures taking care of the strategic planning, the architecture and preparation of acts and documents necessary for organizing tenders (calls for tenders, letters of invitations, rules, specifications).