Banking and financial Law

  • Banking Law
  • Finance and stock Exchange Law
  • Financial agreements and derivatives
  • Securitization transactions
  • Parabanking contracts
  • International swaps and financial transactions

With reference to matters involving banking and finance law and rules of the markets, the Firm provides assistance and advice in several sectors, such as, but not limited to: pension funds, open-end and closed-end mutual investment funds, UCITS, issues of bonds and shares; opening of credit lines and medium-, long-term loans; granting of security interests, bank and autonomous guarantees; assignment of receivables for securing performance; financial lease agreements; assignment of receivables pursuant to Law no. 52/1991; re-scheduling and re-negotiation of delinquent accounts/non-performing receivables; transactions for covering the exchange rate risk and fluctuations of interest rates risk (currency swaps and interest rate swaps).

The consulting services provided range from legal-financial panning to the preparation of the necessary documentation, the preparation of opinions in support of the Clients’ choices and the realization of complex legal-financial transactions relating to a wide range of banking and financial transactions, such as national and international agreements relating to loans, including syndicated loans, credit guarantees, project finance transactions, structured finance and securitization transactions.

In performing such activity, the Firm is always engaged in the front line in the development of ground-breaking financial products, which require inter-disciplinary competences.

The Firm has among its major clients leading Italian banks and other credit institutions, to which it provides advice about the regulation of the banking activity, corporate structures and the performance of acts of civil, commercial and administrative law nature.

The Firm assists banks and finance companies in the development and realization of issues of structured financial instruments.