Pietro Anello

Pietro-AnelloBorn in Filadelfia (Vibo Valentia, Italy) on December 5, 1956. Lawyer, entered in the official List of Registered Auditors kept by the Italian Department of Justice, expert on balance sheet issues of banks and finance companies. He was responsible for the legal and tax sector of the “Banks and Finance Team” of Arthur Andersen, for which he worked from 1985 to 1994. Senior Partner and Founder of the Firm ANELLO & PARTNERS. Professor under contract of “Laws and regulations of banks and banking foundations” for the Libera Università Mediterranea di Bari, lecturer for the specialization schools of IPSOA, INTERAUDIT, ISDA, LUISS. Sole Director of the company CRESO 1 s.r.l., SPV, as well as director of KREOS s.r.l. a company incorporated pursuant to Law no. 130/1999. He has been appointed expert adviser by the tribunals of Perugia, Teramo, Chieti, Pescara, Palermo and Potenza for the determination of the initial net assets of banks s.p.a. contributed in enforcement of Law no. 218/1990. Liquidator of the company Fincari – Finanziaria di Partecipazione Cariplo e Casse di Risparmio s.p.a. and member of the Board of Directors of the Fondazione Enasarco.

He has been appointed statutory auditor for Finbanche d’Abruzzo s.p.a., Cassa di Risparmio della provincia dell’Aquila s.p.a., Banca Popolare di Lanciano e Sulmona scarl. Editor and joint author of the handbook  “Il bilancio e il reddito delle banche[Balance Sheet and Income of Banks]”, author of the essays “The Trading Companies” and “Plusvalenze patrimoniali nel redditi d’impresa [Capital Gains in companies’ income]”; he contributed to “The reform of the financial Market and listed companies”. He collaborated and is still collaborating with the Italian magazines Il Fisco, Corriere Tributario, Le Società, Gazzetta Valutaria, Interscambio, Dirigenza Bancaria, Italia Oggi, MF.